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We are guided by principles of responsible lending, which oblige the lender to run checks on the solvency of the borrower and to provide sufficient information and explanations during pre-contractual negotiations for the client to be able to make a considered decision.

Prior to making decisions regarding loans, we thoroughly analyse the solvency and creditworthiness of every applicant. To do this we use the information obtained from the applicant and information that is publicly available (from Creditinfo and checks run in public registers). The objective of a background check is to determine the financial situation and solvency of the applicant. Thorough checks ensure that the client will be able to repay their loan and to make their loan payments in accordance with the agreed procedure. Loans issued by Evergreen Capital OÜ have no hidden fees or charges, which enables the borrower to evaluate with complete transparency what the total cost of the loan will be and what the risks associated with borrowing are.

Evergreen issues loans to legal entities if they are secured by a private individual or come with assets as collateral. In taking out a loan with a private individual as a guarantor, both the borrower and the guarantor are responsible for the fulfilment of the obligations arising from the loan contract. In taking out a loan with real estate or another asset as collateral, the borrower must pay all of the costs of the loan contract and connected to the fulfilment of contracts related to the loan contract, including the costs of establishing collateral for the benefit of the lender and re-registering, deleting and/or transferring the collateral (notary fees, state fees, etc.).

Every loan is a financial obligation. Prior to taking out a loan, give careful consideration to your needs and to the options open to you and assess whether borrowing makes sense. Always submit true and appropriate information to the lender regarding your financial situation and your wishes in terms of the loan. Prior to entering into a contract, review the loan contract and the information it contains as well as Evergreen’s principles of processing client data, which are available on our website. If you have any questions about the information contained in the contract, contact our specialists by e-mailing evergreen [at] evergreen.ee or calling +372 5670 5422.

The borrower must repay both the main part of the loan and interest in accordance with the schedule agreed upon in the contract and fulfil the other obligations arising from the contract. If at any point repaying the loan is beyond your means, we recommend contacting our specialists immediately to find a prompt solution to the situation. Amassing debt may lead to collection, court, bailiff and/or bankruptcy proceedings, the freezing or compulsory sale of your assets or the collection of the debt from the guarantor(s). Your payment difficulties may also be added to the Creditinfo database, which could hamper you in any efforts to obtain a loan in the future.