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Here you'll find quick answers to the questions we're most frequently asked. If you have any other questions, feel free to get in touch with us.

Why should I take out a loan with Evergreen Capital?

Evergreen is a fast and flexible lender. Getting a loan from us is significantly quicker and easier than it is getting one from a bank. When issuing loans we’re guided by the state of your company’s finances and we assess repayment ability on a case-by-case basis. We offer the solution that’s best suited to your company.

Who can apply?

Applications are open to companies registered in Estonia whose owner or a member of the management board of which is prepared to back up the loan with personal surety or owns assets that can be used as collateral.

How much can you apply for?

Surety loans are available to the value of up to €5000 (or up to €10 000 if there’s an additional guarantor). Collateral loans are available to up to 70% of the value of the vehicle or, if secured with property, up to €100,000.

What security do you accept?

We accept the following:

  • Surety of an employed, salary-earning private individual
  • Property in the larger towns/cities of Estonia
  • A car that can be registered with the Estonian Road Administration
  • Another vehicle or type of asset
How do I go about applying for a loan?

Simply fill in the application form on our website.

What documents do I need to show you?

If you’re applying for a surety loan, you’ll need to provide us with copies of bank statements of both the company and the guarantor so that we can assess your ability to repay the loan.

If you apply for a collateral loan, you’ll have to present us with documents regarding the collateral itself (vehicle registration certificate etc.).

We’re guided by principles of responsible lending and assess each application separately.

Are the offers you make binding?

Asking us for an offer doesn’t oblige you to take out a loan with us.

How quickly do you issue loans?

We typically respond to applications within one working day. If needed, we’ll ask you to submit additional documents. We’ll then look them over and make our decision. If your application is approved, all you need to do is sign the contract and the money will be transferred to you the same day.

How do I sign the contract?

You can sign on the dotted line in our office or do so digitally via e-mail. The application, however, should be filled in on our website so that we can offer you the best solutions in regard to the term of your contract and how to sign it.

Can I apply for a break from my repayments?

You can apply for a repayment break of up to three months if you have a loan with an annuity schedule. This frees you up from paying the main amount of the repayment – all you have to meet during that period is your interest payments.

Can I repay my loan ahead of time?

Yep, you can. Simply submit an application requesting to do so.

What will I be charged if I repay my loan ahead of time?

You’ll have to compensate us by paying 0.5% of the outstanding amount of the loan if the period between early repayment and the expiration date of your contract is less than one year, or 1% of the outstanding amount if there’s more than a year left until the expiry of your contract.

Am I likely to be turned down if I have existing loans?

Already having loans doesn’t mean you can’t apply. We assess each application on its own merits, guided by the security being offered and your company’s ability to repay the loan. Simply fill in your application and one of our specialists will get in touch with you.

Do you offer a loan refinancing service?

Yep, you can refinance other loans with a loan from Evergreen.