30 08.18

Mari-Leen (29), owner of a translating services company

Since getting my university degree I had been working in a translating company in Tallinn. I really enjoyed my work there but I also knew that I would be able to manage my own company as well. I dicussed this with my colleague and one week later we had already established a company and secured our first customers. Evergreen Capital gave us our first loan which we used for buying the latest programs and other devices and rented our first small office space. One year later the loan had been paid back in full and our little team has grown by several new members. Thanks for the trust, Evergreen!

12 05.18

Helena (37), owner of a catering company

It is characteristic for our business to be very dependent on the seasons. And naturally the busiest time for us is the end of the year when all the companies have their holiday events and other gatherings. Together with my partner we have a lot of experience when it comes to preparing great dishes as this is our passion. But we lack knowledge in sales and marketing. This year we decided to have a large markeing campaign targeting the businesses in our town already in autumn. For this we took an unsecured business loan from Evergreen Capital. It was 3700 euros with a monthly interest rate of 3,5% and we can pay it off in 12 months in installments. Our pre-bookings for this year are already three times greater then we had last year and we plan to invest the proceeds into new equipment!

05 01.18

Rain (29), online store owner

By that time I had been running the online store for a couple of years, selling all sorts of goods: clothes, accessories, cheaper electronics and so on. We were making ends meet, the wages and the taxes were being paid, in some years we even managed to earn a profit, but on the whole it was just a job, not a proper business. The best time for us was always the Christmas season, when people tend to spend more than usual. To grow the business, last year I decided to fill the warehouse by December. The company borrowed the necessary funds from Evergreen. The monthly interest was about 4%, but the subsequent profit surpassed that and put a big smile on my face. If you want to grow, you must take chances.

09 09.17

Nikolai (56), taxi driver

I work at a taxi firm in Tallinn with my own car. I enjoy scheduling my own working hours and find driving a generally relaxing activity. When the time came to buy a taxi, I did not have enough savings and had to look for another way. My friends recommended Evergreen and the company agreed to help me. We decided on the loan period, I bought the car and have been driving it for almost a year now.

02 05.17

Meelis (50), home appliances company director

At the beginning of the year we received a big order from a real estate company to install our appliances in their rental apartments. We were keen to fulfil that order but we had only recently filled the warehouse with goods of other types. We just could not pass on that lucrative offer. So we borrowed money from Evergreen Capital for a short term. They quickly grasped our predicament and agreed to finance the deal. The initial loan was for one month and we then extended it to two months. The whole procedure was very easy, clear and quick. Our contact person at Evergreen was a very competent and experienced specialist who immediately understood what was going on and offered suitable solutions. I and my partner became the guarantors and in a couple of days the money was on our bank account.

15 04.17

Norman (37), used car dealer and car repair shop owner in Tallinn

We repair and sell cars. Last spring we got this unexpected opportunity to buy heavily discounted vans at a bankruptcy sale in a neighbouring country. We needed about 20,000 euros within four days. There was not enough money on the company’s bank account but we did have some cars recently bought for resale. We registered two of those cars in Evergreen’s name for a month and thus received the needed money in time. That enabled us to make the best deal of the year. Evergreen got their interest payment but our profit far exceeded that. The cars were registered in my name again and I would gladly repeat this transaction any time.

24 03.17

Reet (42), café owner in the Harju County

Opening my café one morning, I discovered to my horror that our old oven was no longer functioning. It was a big concern because a proper oven is very expensive and without a replacement we would lose a substantial part of the daily takings as very few customers want to drink tea or coffee without a fresh warm pastry. We did not have time to go through the bank loan application procedure: we needed an immediate solution. So we borrowed the money from Evergreen Capital and bought a decent-size modern oven for our large kitchen. The monthly interest was 3.4% but we repaid the loan in 10 months and our business continued successfully.